A little about me…

I grew up as a small town Wisconsin girl with big dreams of owning my own photography studio.  I was the youngest of four. My dad was a business owner and mom a nurse. I worked tirelessly with my aunt's photography business starting at the ripe age of 8 pushing buttons in the darkroom.  (I called it slave labor at the time because I was always with her working)  I loved learning everything having to do with photography and made a great assistant, but when it was time to choose a career path, I chose xray. (I had no idea boudoir photography existed or I would've jumped right in)  Let's be honest.. Our families usually push us in a safe direction regarding careers and schooling. Although my chosen x-ray career felt safe, I left the comforts of my 9-5 to open Demi’s Doors.  Since I wanted to do something that I loved; Shopping, decorating, photography, and helping women love themselves seemed like the perfect career that I always dreamed of!  Learning about boudoir Photography, after booking a photo shoot for myself, is what changed my entire direction.  I literally put the brakes on my x-ray career and started building my portfolio as soon as I learned that so many women would benefit from opening Demi Girl. Boudoir photography has become my passion and I love what I do!  

Demi's Dream Team