4 Reasons to Get Sexy Boudoir Photos Taken After You've Lost Weight

sexy boudoir photography

You've just dropped some pounds, and you're wondering how to celebrate. Well, you should try a sexy boudoir photography session. If you're hesitant, here are some convincing reasons why it's a great idea!

Celebrate your hard work

You just worked so hard to lose the weight. You restricted yourself from certain foods, worked out, and committed yourself to this. It's time to celebrate that hard work. Even if you haven't reached your goal weight yet, there's no reason you can't be happy with your progress thus far. Taking sexy boudoir pictures is a great way to show yourself some love.

Get pampered

When you get ready for your photo shoot, whether you want simple boudoir photos or nude boudoir photos, you're going to enjoy being pampered. We go all out and do your hair, makeup, and even provide false eyelashes so you look amazing. We provide snacks and champagne for you to enjoy during your shoot. After all the hard work you've put in for your new body, you deserve to be taken care of for the day.

Boost your confidence

After you get all dolled up, it won't be hard to let your insecurities melt away. Our staff is so encouraging, and you will feel more confident than ever. Plus, who doesn't want to be a model for a day? You will learn to fall in love with yourself and your new body, no matter what weight you're currently at.

Did someone say shopping?

Finally, you're going to need some new outfits for your lingerie photography shoot. Let's be honest, you don't need them, but why not use this as a great reason to go on a shopping spree? You can spoil yourself with new shoes, lingerie, and other garments to wear during your session. No one says you can't wear your new wardrobe at other times, either!

Nearly 91% of women are unhappy with their bodies, and they turn to dieting to try to achieve their ideal body image. It's important to understand that sexy boudoir photography is not meant to be exclusive to women with the "ideal body;" it's meant for every woman ready to love herself. If you've just shed some weight, or even if you haven't, celebrate yourself with a sexy boudoir photography session today.



Demi Girl's Makeup Artist Jessica Steps Behind The Lens


When a long time friend and fellow boudoir photographer, Angela Woolridege, drove through Chicago for a conference, I was so excited to arrange a model for us to shoot together at the Demi Girl Photography studio. 

As busy artists working in the same space day in and day out, we sometimes experience what a writer might face in getting a case of "writers block" but with our photography.  We will always take beautiful images with our clients, but its so important to get inspired by other artists and always bring something new to the table.  

This is why every year, I make it a priority to attend at least 2-3 conferences to fill up my creativity glass.  


Angela and I put out a model call to collaborate on a shoot together at my studio and my makeup artist dutifully volunteered to work through the nerves to step behind our lenses for her first boudoir shoot ever!  

I was elated that my beautiful and talented boudoir makeup artist was ready to let herself be vulnerable and empowered by this experience.  

She's helped me glamourize hundreds of women so I was happy she was participating in a shoot of her own so she can talk about what its like being in lingerie and going through the poses with our clients.  

I know this will help Jessica relate to my clients when they are sitting in her makeup chair before their shoot.  The three of us created some beautiful art and I will surely put my clients in these new lovely poses as well.

Angela takes killer white sheet nude boudoir photos of each of her clients at the very end of their boudoir session.  Let's just say she's an expert and knows exactly what to say to get the perfect expression from clients! I will take these white sheet images upon my clients request.  This set is so sexy and fun. 

Check out a few of these photos we took together below.  Stunning!


I was extremely happy and inspired after this lovely shoot with Angela and Jessica.  We found a few more nooks at the Demi Girl Studio to shoot some killer shots with and we were lucky to have this time to learn and shoot with each other.  

We actually shot a client together the following day which was icing on the cake with a sweet cherry on top:)  Angela's Boudoir and Portrait business is located in Columbus Ohio and she can be found at Feeling inspired? Click Here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consult so we can chat about a shoot!  




Timing is Everything!


I have So many brides come to me for a boudoir session. Their wedding day is one day many women have dreamed about their entire lives and a boudoir shoot is a perfect way to celebrate themselves and the beautiful transition they are making with a significant other. There’s never a perfect time for a shoot as many women put it off hoping they can just lose a few more pounds or feel more confident before coming in. It doesn’t matter if your getting married or it’s your 10 year anniversary or you simply want to celebrate yourself at that very moment. There’s never a more perfect time than now to start appreciating and loving the body you were giving.

With timing being the topic of this blog, I’d like to talk about the right time to give your boudoir album to your fiancé if this is a wedding gift! I’ve had many brides in my hair and makeup chair, chit chat about their plans to give the boudoir album to their soon to be husband. Many were telling me the same thing, that they are so excited to give the album the morning of the wedding. I mean this is a wedding gift after all right...?


This is true, they are coming in to make something beautiful for a wedding gift and the typical time to give your significant other this gift is the day of your wedding. Every time my brides tell me about the timing of when this gift is being given, I pause... and I think, do you really want to be giving him this gift just a few hours before you see him at the alter and your father hands you over to this man? Lol I mean, everyone is nervous before exchanging their vows in front of their loved ones and now I’m sure the only thing hubby-to-be is thinking about are those gorgeous sexy photos of you in lingerie that you just gave him a few hours before!

Now I’ve never been married, so I’ve never gone through this process but when I mentioned the timing of the gift to one of my clients, she agreed that timing is everything and maybe just hours before walking down the isle isn’t the “best” time. 

I’ve had many of my chicago brides agree once I brought this up, that there may be a better time to present him with your sexy boudoir album.  Slipping it in his suitcase the night before the wedding so he can open it in private at his hotel the night before, giving on the night of the wedding or even on the honey moon seem like a better options!

This is just a little food for thought! Tell me what you think and comment below;)

To schedule a Chicago Bridal Boudoir Session, please call 312-635-5077 or email



3 Preparation Tips for Your Boudoir Session

#1 EAT

Most women think they shouldn’t eat before coming to their boudoir photography session. This is the worst idea! 

Holding poses in high heels and balancing to get the perfect shot takes endurance and concentration. My clients usually mention an appreciation for models after we finish up bc they realize this actually does involve work and skill. Luckily, we tell our clients exactly what to do in each pose but most models need to know that for their shoots. They are not just a pretty face:) 

Taking sexy photos does actually take effort and not eating can leave you feeling dizzy and weak. I’ve had to stop a session because my client was feeling so weak. If you can’t balance in high heels don’t sweat that... we don’t have to shoot in them. But even for women that can wear them, they need their balance. 

I’m not promoting eating a lumberjack breakfast but putting something in your tummy before we shoot is definately a good idea! We photoshop our clients anyway so your tummy is not going to look bloated. 


Remember the old saying that dirty hair styles better? That might be true in some circumstances, but while shooting at Demi Girl Boudoir’s Studio, we prefer clean and dry hair!

When speaking to my clients over the phone while booking their session, I will tell them to come with their hair clean and dry. Better yet, I ask my clients to get a blowout before their session at a professional blowout bar or with their stylist.  Many times we use products and shampoos that build up in our hair making it look greasy after you’ve just washed it.  A professional stylist is going to strip it all away with a professional wash and blowout from root to tip!  Chicago has many professional blow out bars and we can recommend one if needed! This can be done a day before or the day of your photoshoot.

The reason it’s so important is because I want my clients' hair to be playful and bouncy. We will add sexy bedroom curls to your hair before we shoot as well. The most important factor is being able to flip the hair and having it look clean and fresh at the base. No one likes greasy roots and they’re just not pretty!  If you have ethnic hair, we always discuss styling before the shoot and many times those ladies will bring wigs to shoot with.  I love shooting with gorgeous wigs:)


This might be the most important tip of all.  If your a smiley person then smile! If your not a smiley person, then don’t try to flash a cheesy grin just for the photo. 

I will tell my clients exactly how to tip and turn their heads for the shots so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s important for us to help our clients feel comfortable and be themselves while we’re shooting. Every women gets a few genuine lols during the shoot which are great additions to my clients' collection of images. 




Let the wedding bells ring.


I love to share stories with my clients when they are getting ready for their shoot. My makeup artist, myself and my client chit chat like long lost friends while we’re getting her camera ready. My artists and myself have lived from LA to Chicago and spent some time in the south as well so we love sharing stories about our journeys. It’s one of the most important times of the shoot for me to genuinely connect with my client before I step behind and she steps in front of the camera. 

Learning about my clients work, travel and ambitions is very important bc I want her to feel comfortable before we start the session. Our chats are sprinkled in with interesting stories about how they met their partner and all the awful dates leading up to meeting their partner and sharing a few good laughs! Occasionally, I get a client doing boudoir photos for their boyfriend. I’ve had a handful of clients reach out to me after their shoot to inform me that shorty after they gifted the lucky guy their beautiful boudoir album, they were surprised with a proposal. I chuckle at this and I’m always so happy when I hear about another happily ever after. One of my clients even ended up doing a shotgun wedding in las Vegas within a month of her shoot and is happier than ever. 


When one of my more recent clients came in for her session, I had to tell her, "Ya know Ms. D, many women giving these photos to their boyfriend end up engaged shortly after.” I’m just trying to prepare you for what might be coming because I’ve seen it happen;) I’m sure you can imagine where this story is heading. 

Sure enough, two weeks after the session, Ms.D met me for her reveal appointment. She was glowing and I assumed it was because she was so excited to see her gallery. She was certainly excited, but she also had news to share.. Just as I’m sure you had guessed, her fiancé proposed. He knew about her photo shoot and was still anticipating her final images but it happened and I got the full scoop of the magical proposal.  

I love the serendipity of Ms.d’s story. She could now say her boudoir photographer predicted she would be engaged after a session with Demi Girl. I like to think that maybe we had a little something to do with the timing or at the very least, I was part of a beautiful love story and seeing it all perfectly unfold for Ms D.  Click to schedule a 15 minute consult, call 312-635-5077 or email




Smart Lingerie Ideas for a Successful Boudoir Shoot


Being a glamour/boudoir photographer, I photograph women of all shapes and sizes. One of the biggest questions I get from women is if I provide a wardrobe for my clients. While I don’t have the space to provide lingerie for my clients, I do have a closet with pieces that my clients can borrow if needed. After booking a session, I will send my a lingerie guide and give them tips of thing to shop for or bring from their closets to shoot with. My ladies are always so appreciative of that and find it very helpful. I want to talk about three of my favorite things to shoot with during a boudoir shoot and why!


I recently had a client come in that was a little self conscious of her mid section. If your like most women I’m sure you can relate. If your not in the best shape you want to be in, I feel like that’s where most women would be most worried about. My recent client read the lingerie guide and brought the most fabulous pieces that I highly recommended. I was elated when she showed me two different body shaper styles. What I love about the body shapers is that they had very nice cuts around the legs and great support. She paired one with a beautiful bra (pictured below) and another high waist controlled shaper panty was paired with a cropped long sleeve off the shoulder lacy top (picture above).  Click HERE for Curvy Firm Wear Your Own Bra Plus size Body Shaper.  Click HERE for Bali 2-pack Firm Control Tummy Panel Shaping Briefs (these come in many colors and are super fun!)  Some women might be surprised thinking everything they bring has to be lacy see through lingerie but that’s not true when you can pair a structured piece with a sexy bra.  Making my clients feel secure and pulled together is the beauty of the body shaper!

The second thing I wanted to post about is a sheer long sleeved cardigan.  You might think, how can a cardigan add to the sex appeal of an image.  Let me explain.  Some women are self conscious about certain body parts, their arms being one of them.  Click HERE for a link to a simple sheer cardigan that can help highlight the areas you want to show off while concealing an area you may not be as confident about! See the photo below of my client Ms.L with a similar jacket. 


The third thing I love are high nude pumps. High heels in general help lift the tush and add the sex appeal to boudoir images. The thing I like about nude pumps is that they help elongate women’s legs and can be paired with so many looks! Nude pumps are a definite winner and highly recommended for any women coming in for a session (see below).  Click HERE for a pair of pumps I recommend for every shoot!


I hope these tips were helpful. When your booking a shoot, the lingerie guide I send will have many more helpful tips and ideas of things to bring! Contact us HERE or call 312-635-5077 to chat!



Feel the love...

Read an inspiring blog post from a past client that came all the way from Indianapolis to schedule her boudoir photoshoot with Demi Girl.  This gorgeous gal planned a trip to Chicago to step outside her comfort zone and enjoy our amazing city!  She also checked a boudoir shoot off her bucket list while she was here.  Read what she has to say about her experience! Click Here to schedule a free 15 minute consult or call 312-635-5077 for info!


What Inspired you to book a boudoir photoshoot? I have wanted to do something like this for many years. Like everyone else, I would tell myself when I get to my goal weight. I did lose the weight, then gained it back. I recently turned 40 and decided this is a great time of my life and I’m going to embrace who I am right now. I’m going to be confident and love myself. It starts with acceptance and getting my sexy on. ;) I needed/wanted to do this for myself, not anyone else.

What made you choose Demi Girl for your boudoir photos? Continuing with the theme of being adventurous, I booked a weekend trip to Chicago (I’m from Kansas City). I decided this would be the perfect time to go ahead and book a boudoir shoot. I’m already out of my element so why not?! I did some research and really like everything I saw and read about Demi Girl!


What did you like best about your boudoir experience with Demi Girl? From the moment I walked in the door I was made to feel at ease. Adrienne was so warm and friendly. It just set the tone for the whole experience!

Did you have fun or were you super nervous? I actually did have a lot of fun and didn’t feel nervous at all.

Did this experience help give you a more positive perception of the way you see yourself? It really did. Going into a boudoir shoot as a plus sized woman was not how I envisioned doing this in my “someday I’ll do it”, but after seeing the images, I saw beauty, not size.


Do you see yourself booking another boudoir photoshoot in the future? Absolutely! It was such a fun experience from start to finish! I’ll definitely do this again!

What would you say to anyone that's thinking about booking a shoot but their nerves are keeping them from making the call? You are unique and beautiful just as you are. Love yourself for who and where you are right now and everything else will begin to fall into place. Every woman, no matter her size has insecurities. Check them at the door and when it’s over, you will thank yourself. It’s empowering, it’s bold, it’s beautiful.



Be Grateful and Love Yourself

Adrienne 1 2.jpg

I believe that loving ourselves starts at any body weight or size. We are truly beautiful at any size. We as women always want what is considered to be the perfect body. We can strive for that but as most of us know, it takes major dedication and implementing good eating habits and an consistant routine. It's not impossible, it's just something we need to dedicate ourselves to.

I know full well because I've been on both sides of the spectrum from a size 4 all the way to a size 12! I'm always amazed at how great I feel in a smaller size. Well, it's not just looking better that is most important but it's how I'm feeling which trumps everything. When your feeling better because your eating healthy and exercising regularly and hopefully getting adequate sleep and nutrition, It all plays off each other majorly. I know the reverse is true too when you've veered off your healthy path by not taking care of yourself. 

If we're going out to much enjoying the Chicago rooftops and patios while drinking our favorite adult beverages to often, we may be binging on late night eats! If we're not getting enough sleep, our body's aren't able to recover and we feel sluggish making it difficult to workout.  Sometimes, we might start eating out for every meal because we're traveling or work is crazy. Oh its a viscous cycle that I know all to well... and then if your like me, you snap out of and have to work hard again to change that unhealthy routine. 


How does boudoir photography affect our routines? Well, like I said at the beginning of the post, boudoir is for any women regardless of shape and size. I've had the pleasure of shooting with many plus size women. I've also heard many women say they just need to lose x amount of pounds then they want to shoot. I believe that when we accept ourselves at any weight, the impact of a boudoir shoot is even more eye opening.  I've seen numerous women come in feeling disappointed in themselves because they are not where they want to be according to their body standards.  After their shoots, its amazing seeing the new found confidence in these ladies.  They throw away the negative self talk and say forget that.... I look amazing! In most cases, I see my clients taking much better care after the shoot because she's on such a high seeing that she is worthy and she is beautiful.  

This new self confidence happened with me recently when I shot with the talented Craig La Mere. Its amazing what a great piece of lingerie, great photographer sprinkled with a little sass and self confidence can convey:)  I've been loving myself a little more lately and I'm so grateful.

To schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation click HERE or call 312-635-5077





Boudoir is for every woman... no ifs, ands or buts about it!


Boudoir photography is for ANY woman.  I am lucky enough to meet every type of woman from personality to shape, and want to know one thing we have in common? We start out intrigued by the idea of capturing ourselves in a boudoir session, and then that intrigue is followed with a "but".  Let's look at some common objectives: 

But I need to lose weight…
But I’ve never done a shoot like this..
But I don’t think I’m pretty enough…
But I'm to old...
But my hands are to big…
But I just broke up with my significant other…
But I’m awkward and would never look like other women in these photos…

I hear these objections and I think what a shame.  The job of a skilled boudoir photographer is to make any women of any age, ethnicity or body shape feel beautiful, and to create gorgeous images that they will love.  Photography is so powerful and can be so uplifting. It can debunk all of the objections listed above.  When clients come back for their image reveals, I see how they look at themselves in a whole new light; as a beautiful, sensual and strong women that deserves everything she is willing to go after in this life. 

I recently encountered this scenario; where I heard yet again, another objection.  This time it was from a friend of mine that I’d known since the very first moment I decided I wanted to be a boudoir photographer 5 years ago.  She was my esthetician at the time and was so excited for me. She wanted to book a shoot for herself!  I, of course, was thrilled for the opportunity to work with her and we made a trade.  Facials for photos:)  I visited her for my package of facials which we had traded for her boudoir photography session.  The sad part is that she never came into the studio for her photo shoot!  There was always an objection.. I need to lose weight or I just broke up with my boyfriend followed by every other reason you could think of!  I was so bummed but I thought, someday I hope to make this shoot happen.

Fast forward 5 years later, my friend Ms. S called me and asked if she could use our trade towards a group photo and head shot session for her staff.  I obliged and we created, what she called, some “bad ass” images.  I was happy that I could finally follow through on my end of the trade we had made, but I still felt like she had short changed herself.  I really wanted to give her this experience knowing she would love the results.  As I was visiting her brow and eyelash studio recently, she introduced me to one of her clients bragging about my beautiful work and giving me a great word of mouth recommendation.  I asked Ms. S again, "I’ve been doing this now for 5 years, when are you going to finally come in for your own session?"  She said, “when I lose weight.”  As you can imagine, my skills and confidence as a boudoir photographer has grown over this amount of time and I knew I could deliver such a wonderful experience and beautiful images, so I halted at that statement and said, Ms. S, “I don’t ever want to hear you utter those words again!”  You are gorgeous as you are and you don’t need to lose a thing.  What your losing now is time and an opportunity to do something amazing for yourself.  She chuckled and agreed that I was right and had nothing else to say…  Two days later Ms. S called me and said I’m ready to book my boudoir shoot.  I’m going to trust you and embrace what I have :)  Here are some images from her session!


I applaud every women that makes the call to book her boudoir session with Demi Girl.  They didn’t get the tough love that I gave my friend and decided on their own, that they were going to do something to make them feel BEAUTIFUL and EMPOWERED.  It is my everlasting mission to make every women feel like she deserves these affirmations.  During my sessions, I’m coaching and encouraging my clients through every movement and every pose.  99% of my clients have never done a shoot like this before.  I get to show so many women that they are truly gorgeous and I'm so blessed and thankful that they trust me with that opportunity.  To book a session please call 312-635-5077 or click here to get in touch!




It's more than just a boudoir shoot with Ms.L


What Inspired you to book a boudoir photoshoot?

The year before my photoshoot -almost to the date- I had a bad manic depressive episode that landed me in the hospital. When I was released I didn't really know what to do with myself and ended up moving out of the city to recover and start rebuilding my life. Aside from being mentally out of shape, I had given up most physical activities because I simply didn't care anymore. I'll restrain from noting my weight, because ultimately, the number doesn't matter, suffice it to say, I was very unhealthy in every regard. I started going to the gym, mostly because I was freakin' bored out of my mind, but I began to notice a huge difference in my mental stability. I committed to making exercise a daily prescription for my mental health. 2016 brought on a lot of challenges and the metamorphosis that I experienced is pretty indescribable. One day, I looked at myself in the mirror and I couldn't believe the image that I saw reflecting back at me. I just burst into tears because the weight I had shed represented so much more than fat turning into muscle. I've always had a love for boudoir photography; there's something beautiful and inspiring about women who can be so vulnerable in front of a camera. With the anniversary of my hospitalization rolling around, I was afraid of what would be triggered and pretty unsure of how I would react. Contrary to my expectations, I found myself renewed and invigorated. I found that I actually wanted to celebrate the past year of my life instead of mourn how far I had fallen. I decided that the way I wanted to commemorate my transformation was to get in front of the camera and bare *almost* all. I lost a sh*t ton of weight, but more significantly, I'm living a more empowered life now, and that's what inspired the search for a boudoir photographer.

What made you choose Demi Girl for your boudoir photos?

This was a pretty big deal for me, it was more than a photoshoot so I did a lot of research before I reached out to Demi Girl. Even without reading the reviews I felt a positive vibe resonate from the website. Viewing the gallery I could tell how much fun those girls were having, I could feel the confidence radiating through the photos, and they were just so classy and tasteful with the right amount of sexy that I knew I wanted to be in front of *that* camera. Directing a shoot is not easy, but based on the images, I knew whoever was behind the camera knew what she was doing. In a more tangible sense, the price was great for a quality product. Some companies required that you rent a hotel room, some didn't include hair and makeup, some were outrageously priced for what was included (or rather, for what wasn't), and some just seemed downright sketchy. There were a lot of factors, but ultimately, it just felt right. The fact that Adrienne's bio mentioned that she's from Wisconsin didn't hurt either. #CheeseheadsStickTogether ;)

What did you like best about your boudoir experience with Demi Girl?

It was so. much. fun. I don't really think I need to elaborate much more than that. I felt so sexy, I found a new appreciation for models, and Adrienne was just a blast to shoot with, we laughed, shared wine, and just really clicked. It was an unforgettable experience, simply put.

Did you have fun or were you super nervous?

I was super nervous, but I was super excited, and within moments of chatting with the Demi Girl ladies, the nerves dissipated and the excitement took over.

Did this experience help give you a more positive perception of the way you see yourself?

Absolutely. I've always struggled with my body image. Even when I was training to be an Olympic swimmer, in the pool twice a day, I was never "model size". I've always been a bit too bootylicious, always too broad to be delicate and feminine, always too goofy to be gorgeous, always just a bit too big, or weird, or any other horrible thing I could think of. This experience will always stay with me. I don't think there will ever come a time when I can see myself as beautiful on the daily, but for those days when I don't, I have these pictures to remind me. No matter how much I work out, I will never be a size 2, and these pictures help me see just how lovely my curves are. I absolutely LOVE being a curvy girl! I've even told my trainer that if I lose my booty, I'll find someone else to train with, she's been happy to oblige.

Do you see yourself booking another boudoir photoshoot in the future?

Most definitely. I think it would be such a cool way to chronicle different life stages, and experiences. I know each shoot will be different and amazing.

What would you say to anyone that's thinking about booking a shoot but their nerves are keeping them from making the call?

The best way to get over your fears is to face them, and if this is something you want to do for you, it promises to deliver. I'd encourage every woman to do a shoot like this. The reason why this works is because the experience is catered to *you*; what you want to wear, what hair and makeup expresses your tastes, your personality, your sense of style, what poses compliment the curvature of your body, even the music played is picked by you. It is all done to bring out the best in you. Though I gifted the book to my partner, the experience was for me, and I think that played the biggest role in easing my nerves. This was an investment I put into myself and that's what made this photoshoot so empowering, and so well worth it.


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Fine Art Nude Boudoir Photography Session

Can you imagine posing nude for a fine art nude boudoir photography session with high-contrasting shadows?  I mean, if you’re coming in to pose in lingerie, you may as well take a step further and get some amazing and unique art for the wall—right?  It seems surreal and a little scary.  I agree with that.  It was for me being a photographer prepping myself for this fine art boudoir opportunity that arose. This type of nude boudoir photography session is something I had been wanting to shoot.  Our client requesting these images won a boudoir photography session with us from an event and was elated about booking Demi Girl Boudoir Photography because she had wanted sexy images as a gift to herself and her husband.  This client is also an amazing burlesque entertainer, so she also wanted some images in one of her performance outfits!  (If any future client wants to bring in feather fans, I would highly encourage it.) I loved the opportunity Amanda presented to us allowing us to shoot with such unique burlesque props and by bringing new inspiration to our photography studio with a fine art nude boudoir photography request.  I’m a huge fan of brining inspiration and ideas that encourage us to create our own unique art.   Overall, I believe we overcame our reservations and conquered our fears.  We nailed these shots!  The end result was some beautiful art pieces that we are beaming over, and our client absolutely fell in love with them! 

You can read her Yelp review here! We are now ready for our next daring client to shoot a fine art nude boudoir photography session.  Let us know your thoughts should you have any desire for these artistic boudoir images or any other inspirational photographic requests!

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Fine Art Digital Boudoir Painting

Have you ever been in Z Gallery or Bed Bath and Beyond and had a large painting of a classy women catch your eye.  I know I’ve purchased beautiful pieces of art showcasing the female form.  I’ve always loved the beauty showcased in a classy tasteful painting of a women.  We are proud to now offer a fine art boudoir painting to our menu of boudoir products and services.    Because Demi Girl Photography offers such a eye opening experience for women to truly feel beautiful from the inside out, we thought offering a painted portrait from their boudoir session would be a great addition to our services!  This is a tasteful piece of art for our clients to display with a bit more ambiguity when looking at the subject.  Not everyone will know you are necessarily the subject, which also makes it fun to hang in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet. What’s even cooler is that this is not just an ordinary painting, it’s a digital file painting so you can have it printed on a large canvas or metal or included it in your custom album design.  If you like this idea, please share and/or like our entry!  Please call the studio (312) 635-5077 or visit our website for more information!



Redefine Your Skin with Rodan and Fields

I know that we as woman are constantly looking for the best products to use to take care of ourselves.  I'm definitely a girl that is all about the most bang for my buck.  I've invested time and money using many different product lines, facials, and procedures to keep my skin moisturized and looking youthful.  For me, Rodan and fields has stopped my constant search for the perfect balance of effecivness for price.  I can promise that no matter what remedy is needed for your skin (dryness, rosacea, wrinkles, acne, large pores, stretch marks, melasma, sunspots) theres a good chance Rodan and Fields has formulated a regimen to address your skin concerns!  

My favorite line is the Redefine.  I use that system with the Amp MD Rollor and microderm tool which works to diminish old acne scars and to stimulate the growth of new skin.  Since Ive been using this regimen, the overall texture of my skin has improved dramatically!  So much so that my esthetician made a comment that she no longer sees the scar from my nose surgery!  I'm so thrilled with my results and that is why I'm sharing these products with all the ladies reading my blog posts.  

The main reason I wanted to blog about Rodan and Fields products is to help women feel better about themselves by making the best choices with the best results.  I feel the same way about photographing my boudoir clients!  The most rewarding part of my job is to see women truly loving themselves.  I'm honored to help women through my boudoir photography and by sharing the best anti-aging products that I've encountered!  Please visit to order or contact me for a free facial at the Demi Girl Boudoir Studio:)


Unique Wedding Gift Idea for the Groom


Unique Wedding Gift Idea for the Groom


So I wanted to blog about something relevant and unique to my clients. My business has been categorized as a "unique gift" before so when I stumbled upon this other unique gift idea, I though bingo! This is the perfect thing to share to all the ladies that love Demi Girl! 

There's a little back story as to how I learned about this unique company.  My make up artist generously brought me the cutest lamp for the studio. She raved about how adorable this lamp was with crystals and black mesh but little did I know, It was broke! I knew there had to be a catch! Lol that's ok because I wanted it anyway. It fit in with the studio decor perfectly.  I had thought about fixing it myself or a creative way to use it with candles in the socket but I really just wanted it to work as a lamp, so I went on an internet searching frenzy for a lamp repair store on yelp.  Sure enough, I found the perfect place called A Lamp & Fixture Shoppe.  It was no fuss and so easy. I dropped the lamp off and one hour and fourty dollars later, I had myself a working lamp!

While I was there I noticed what appeared to be two $100 bills folded together sitting on the counter. I told the repair man "I think someone may have forgotten their money." He chuckled and handed me the "money wad".  I then  realized this was their business card! What a clever idea. He gave me a few to take with. I thought wow. This is going to be the funnest trick ever! I can trick strangers and people I know with this fake but real looking money business card. So one day after finishing up all my album orders I headed over to my local Irish pub for a salad and a drink. I pulled out the biz card and showed the bartender. She said you should go outside with that and drop it on the sidewalk. See if anyone picks it up!  Everyone else at the bar got a kick out of the little prank we were pulling. Sure enough, a mom had her little daughter picked up the bills just after a couple had passed the fake money and did a double take. We got our laugh and luckily I had an extra for the next person I wanted to trick:) a gentleman sitting next to me asked can I see that. I showed him the card and he said my cousin has a unique lamp company. I said "oh yea, Does he fix lamps?" He said no he makes them out of old bottles or anything really.. His company is called Fermented Fixtures on Facebook and email is  His name is Nick Orosey.  He is located in Michigan, so he said your can send him your bottle and he will mail it back with all the working parts:)

I wanted to write about this unique gift idea so that when you run out of ideas, this could be a good go to! Make sure you save those special bottles from your wedding, anniversary, and honey moon! They may come in handy:)




Photo Shoot Props and Inspriation


Boudoir photography is whatever you make it.  There is never a right or wrong thing to wear or bring.  There are many different styles of shooting and wardrobe that make boudoir photography fun and flirty.  When your getting ready for your shoot and thinking of what to bring, anything representative of you and the occasion is okay to bring and of course something sexy!  Maybe that something sexy is just you yourself.. In that case we could have a successful shoot capturing images under a white sheet or sexy throws but most of the time my boudoir clients bring lingerie, teddies, corsets, or sexy tees.  Theres a wide variety of wardrobe pieces we could use for a successful shoot so I always tell the girls not to skimp on their outfit selection while packing their bags for the day.  Just because you tote something along doesn't mean we have to shoot with it!

I had a client bring a little prop board shown above with her most memorable wedding and engagment dates which was so much fun to shoot with.  I had another do a cowgirl outfit theme because she was going to Nashville for her bachelorette party which was so adorable! (btw- there are some great boutiques to shop at in Nashville) I had a client bring a naughty school girl outfit because her husband loved it, brides have brought wedding shoes, veils, and one brought her actual dress! lol  

The whole point of this entry is to say bring whatever to your boudoir photo shoot!  I always tell my girls your can't have to much variety and choices when its time to shoot.  Variety makes picking the wardrobe fun and I always have a collection of pieces in the lingerie closet from jewelry to stalkings and corsets to complete your look:) 



Amp MD and Rodan and Fields Press

Have you ever heard of micro needling? Micro meddling is a medical procedure done at medical dermatology offices to break down old scar tissue and stimulate the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers as well as improve blood supply.  The average cost of this procedure is $300 and up.  I had this procedure done as well as an extremely painful and costly Co2 laser to diminish my acne scars. Although I saw results, I still found myself constantly looking for products and procedures to help remedy this facial flaw of mine and get more visible results.  I researched at home rollers that didn't have the needle length that was used in derm offices but figured it could help if I rolled every day with a shorter needle.  The only problem with this was that I read so many blogs and reviews advising against at home rolling because the integrity of products on the market couldn't be trusted.... until now!  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, creators of Proactiv, developed an anti-aging line that incorporates a "derma roller" called Amp MD.  I knew I had to try it because the concept behind this tool worked from my own first hand experience and why wouldn't I trust the most sophisticated doctors in dermatolgy to put a safe and effective product for scarring to market?  The Amp MD roller is truly fool proof so anyone can use it safely which was my main concern.  I believe Rodan and Fields have revolutionized skin care with this tool and its affordable!  Because its used everyday with a daily renewing peptide serum, you will keep seeing results for acne scarring, stretch marks, pore size, wrinkles, and overall skin texture.  These products are amazing and recognized in the press by Allure, Marie Claire, O Magazine, the today show, and Ellen Degeneres.  If you want to learn more about the Rodan and Fields products, please message me:)



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Before and After with one month of Redefine by R+F

I'd like to write a bit about the R+F company.  Rodan + Fields products are based on Stanford-trained dermatologists’, Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields, philosophy of Multi-Med® Therapy.  These are the doctors that created Proactive. The regimen-based approach to treating common skin concerns combines over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical and active cosmetic ingredients in the right combination to deliver clinically proven results, without a visit to the dermatologist’s office.  Rodan and Fields products are backed by a 60-day money back guarantee so there is literally no risk in trying these on your skin and I can assure almost anyone who tries them will see a difference within 1-2 weeks.

Rodan and Fields is turning into a godsend for my acne scarred skin.  I can't say enough good about these products.  I've even using the flagship line for anti-aging by Rodan and Fields called Redefine and as you can see above, the texture and scarring has smoothed over.  The before and after show only one month of using these products and the benefits are clearly worth the time, money and effort in my opinion.  These are photos of my own results and I will be posting more as I go.  I'm currently using the Reverse which is great for diminishing sun spots, freckles, melasma, and old acne marks in conjunction with the Redefine line.  I will be posting my one month before and after on the reverse as well!  Check back to see how the Reverse has helped...


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We've Got Swag!

The other thing I did to add to our sets recently was wiring a swag line to the chandeliers.  Yup... Thats right... We've got a 12-14 foot swag cord added to the chandeliers to capture more ambiance for our clients.  With the swag, we can of course raise them so they don't appear in our images, or lower them as low as we need to to add to the sexiness of our boudoir photo shoots.  I like the dimension it adds to the photos!  



Wall Decor for Boudoir


Part of the reason why I love what I do is because I get to paint and decorate every boudoir room!  I'm always updating and adding to the sexy ambiance that I create for my clients.  Check out our latest updates...

This boudoir wall decor was done with a stencil by cutting edge stencils.  They have an amazing variety that make it easy to change up your walls.  I was thinking wallpaper but I'm so glad I choose this option.  Now the next time I want to change the walls I simply paint over and start fresh.  No fussing with wallpaper to get an adorable boutique design again!