Beauty and Boudoir

I'm writing this blog to share my perspective on Beauty and Boudoir.  As women, I feel like we're always looking for the best products, services and ways to make ourselves glow from the inside out.  In the last few years, I discovered boudoir photography and latched onto it after experiencing the power of self expression first hand and realizing the gratification from my own boudoir shoot and helping women accomplish the same exhilarating experience at my studio.  If you've been thinking about booking this type of shoot, I hope my blog will help inspire you through the process and help you discover the confidence within.   I hope to share ideas to guide and help prepare you for your own boudoir photography experience and share my professional outlook on Beauty and Boudoir to inspire women.

The other part of my blog is about Beauty; more specifically skincare.  We've all battled one thing or another regarding our skin throughout our lives.  I know I have.  First, it was acne in my teenage years, and now acne scarring as an adult.  In high school I used the all mighty Proactive for the times of extreme flare ups, and Mary Kay for most of the other times.  I started at age 14 with three step regimens because thats what works.  Now, as an adult, I've tried many treatments to repair the damage to my skin from childhood.  I want to share my experiences with products and procedures that I underwent through the years and how it led me to my current system producing the best results I've ever scene for my skin!  The product is Rodan and Fields.  I hope I can make a difference for everyone interested in these topics!  Please post any relevant feedback to keep the conversation going and the information flowing:)

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