Photo Shoot Props and Inspriation


Boudoir photography is whatever you make it.  There is never a right or wrong thing to wear or bring.  There are many different styles of shooting and wardrobe that make boudoir photography fun and flirty.  When your getting ready for your shoot and thinking of what to bring, anything representative of you and the occasion is okay to bring and of course something sexy!  Maybe that something sexy is just you yourself.. In that case we could have a successful shoot capturing images under a white sheet or sexy throws but most of the time my boudoir clients bring lingerie, teddies, corsets, or sexy tees.  Theres a wide variety of wardrobe pieces we could use for a successful shoot so I always tell the girls not to skimp on their outfit selection while packing their bags for the day.  Just because you tote something along doesn't mean we have to shoot with it!

I had a client bring a little prop board shown above with her most memorable wedding and engagment dates which was so much fun to shoot with.  I had another do a cowgirl outfit theme because she was going to Nashville for her bachelorette party which was so adorable! (btw- there are some great boutiques to shop at in Nashville) I had a client bring a naughty school girl outfit because her husband loved it, brides have brought wedding shoes, veils, and one brought her actual dress! lol  

The whole point of this entry is to say bring whatever to your boudoir photo shoot!  I always tell my girls your can't have to much variety and choices when its time to shoot.  Variety makes picking the wardrobe fun and I always have a collection of pieces in the lingerie closet from jewelry to stalkings and corsets to complete your look:) 

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