Redefine Your Skin with Rodan and Fields

I know that we as woman are constantly looking for the best products to use to take care of ourselves.  I'm definitely a girl that is all about the most bang for my buck.  I've invested time and money using many different product lines, facials, and procedures to keep my skin moisturized and looking youthful.  For me, Rodan and fields has stopped my constant search for the perfect balance of effecivness for price.  I can promise that no matter what remedy is needed for your skin (dryness, rosacea, wrinkles, acne, large pores, stretch marks, melasma, sunspots) theres a good chance Rodan and Fields has formulated a regimen to address your skin concerns!  

My favorite line is the Redefine.  I use that system with the Amp MD Rollor and microderm tool which works to diminish old acne scars and to stimulate the growth of new skin.  Since Ive been using this regimen, the overall texture of my skin has improved dramatically!  So much so that my esthetician made a comment that she no longer sees the scar from my nose surgery!  I'm so thrilled with my results and that is why I'm sharing these products with all the ladies reading my blog posts.  

The main reason I wanted to blog about Rodan and Fields products is to help women feel better about themselves by making the best choices with the best results.  I feel the same way about photographing my boudoir clients!  The most rewarding part of my job is to see women truly loving themselves.  I'm honored to help women through my boudoir photography and by sharing the best anti-aging products that I've encountered!  Please visit to order or contact me for a free facial at the Demi Girl Boudoir Studio:)

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