Unique Wedding Gift Idea for the Groom


So I wanted to blog about something relevant and unique to my clients. My business has been categorized as a "unique gift" before so when I stumbled upon this other unique gift idea, I though bingo! This is the perfect thing to share to all the ladies that love Demi Girl! 

There's a little back story as to how I learned about this unique company.  My make up artist generously brought me the cutest lamp for the studio. She raved about how adorable this lamp was with crystals and black mesh but little did I know, It was broke! I knew there had to be a catch! Lol that's ok because I wanted it anyway. It fit in with the studio decor perfectly.  I had thought about fixing it myself or a creative way to use it with candles in the socket but I really just wanted it to work as a lamp, so I went on an internet searching frenzy for a lamp repair store on yelp.  Sure enough, I found the perfect place called A Lamp & Fixture Shoppe.  It was no fuss and so easy. I dropped the lamp off and one hour and fourty dollars later, I had myself a working lamp!

While I was there I noticed what appeared to be two $100 bills folded together sitting on the counter. I told the repair man "I think someone may have forgotten their money." He chuckled and handed me the "money wad".  I then  realized this was their business card! What a clever idea. He gave me a few to take with. I thought wow. This is going to be the funnest trick ever! I can trick strangers and people I know with this fake but real looking money business card. So one day after finishing up all my album orders I headed over to my local Irish pub for a salad and a drink. I pulled out the biz card and showed the bartender. She said you should go outside with that and drop it on the sidewalk. See if anyone picks it up!  Everyone else at the bar got a kick out of the little prank we were pulling. Sure enough, a mom had her little daughter picked up the bills just after a couple had passed the fake money and did a double take. We got our laugh and luckily I had an extra for the next person I wanted to trick:) a gentleman sitting next to me asked can I see that. I showed him the card and he said my cousin has a unique lamp company. I said "oh yea, Does he fix lamps?" He said no he makes them out of old bottles or anything really.. His company is called Fermented Fixtures on Facebook and email is fermentedfixtures@gmail.com.  His name is Nick Orosey.  He is located in Michigan, so he said your can send him your bottle and he will mail it back with all the working parts:)

I wanted to write about this unique gift idea so that when you run out of ideas, this could be a good go to! Make sure you save those special bottles from your wedding, anniversary, and honey moon! They may come in handy:)