Fine Art Nude Boudoir Photography Session

Can you imagine posing nude for a fine art nude boudoir photography session with high-contrasting shadows?  I mean, if you’re coming in to pose in lingerie, you may as well take a step further and get some amazing and unique art for the wall—right?  It seems surreal and a little scary.  I agree with that.  It was for me being a photographer prepping myself for this fine art boudoir opportunity that arose. This type of nude boudoir photography session is something I had been wanting to shoot.  Our client requesting these images won a boudoir photography session with us from an event and was elated about booking Demi Girl Boudoir Photography because she had wanted sexy images as a gift to herself and her husband.  This client is also an amazing burlesque entertainer, so she also wanted some images in one of her performance outfits!  (If any future client wants to bring in feather fans, I would highly encourage it.) I loved the opportunity Amanda presented to us allowing us to shoot with such unique burlesque props and by bringing new inspiration to our photography studio with a fine art nude boudoir photography request.  I’m a huge fan of brining inspiration and ideas that encourage us to create our own unique art.   Overall, I believe we overcame our reservations and conquered our fears.  We nailed these shots!  The end result was some beautiful art pieces that we are beaming over, and our client absolutely fell in love with them! 

You can read her Yelp review here! We are now ready for our next daring client to shoot a fine art nude boudoir photography session.  Let us know your thoughts should you have any desire for these artistic boudoir images or any other inspirational photographic requests!