Be Grateful and Love Yourself


I believe that loving ourselves starts at any body weight or size. We are truly beautiful at any size. We as women always want what is considered to be the perfect body. We can strive for that but as most of us know, it takes major dedication and implementing good eating habits and an consistant routine. It's not impossible, it's just something we need to dedicate ourselves to.

I know full well because I've been on both sides of the spectrum from a size 4 all the way to a size 12! I'm always amazed at how great I feel in a smaller size. Well, it's not just looking better that is most important but it's how I'm feeling which trumps everything. When your feeling better because your eating healthy and exercising regularly and hopefully getting adequate sleep and nutrition, It all plays off each other majorly. I know the reverse is true too when you've veered off your healthy path by not taking care of yourself. 

If we're going out to much enjoying the Chicago rooftops and patios while drinking our favorite adult beverages to often, we may be binging on late night eats! If we're not getting enough sleep, our body's aren't able to recover and we feel sluggish making it difficult to workout.  Sometimes, we might start eating out for every meal because we're traveling or work is crazy. Oh its a viscous cycle that I know all to well... and then if your like me, you snap out of and have to work hard again to change that unhealthy routine. 


How does boudoir photography affect our routines? Well, like I said at the beginning of the post, boudoir is for any women regardless of shape and size. I've had the pleasure of shooting with many plus size women. I've also heard many women say they just need to lose x amount of pounds then they want to shoot. I believe that when we accept ourselves at any weight, the impact of a boudoir shoot is even more eye opening.  I've seen numerous women come in feeling disappointed in themselves because they are not where they want to be according to their body standards.  After their shoots, its amazing seeing the new found confidence in these ladies.  They throw away the negative self talk and say forget that.... I look amazing! In most cases, I see my clients taking much better care after the shoot because she's on such a high seeing that she is worthy and she is beautiful.  

This new self confidence happened with me recently when I shot with the talented Craig La Mere. Its amazing what a great piece of lingerie, great photographer sprinkled with a little sass and self confidence can convey:)  I've been loving myself a little more lately and I'm so grateful.

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