Smart Lingerie Ideas for a Successful Boudoir Shoot


Being a glamour/boudoir photographer, I photograph women of all shapes and sizes. One of the biggest questions I get from women is if I provide a wardrobe for my clients. While I don’t have the space to provide lingerie for my clients, I do have a closet with pieces that my clients can borrow if needed. After booking a session, I will send my a lingerie guide and give them tips of thing to shop for or bring from their closets to shoot with. My ladies are always so appreciative of that and find it very helpful. I want to talk about three of my favorite things to shoot with during a boudoir shoot and why!


I recently had a client come in that was a little self conscious of her mid section. If your like most women I’m sure you can relate. If your not in the best shape you want to be in, I feel like that’s where most women would be most worried about. My recent client read the lingerie guide and brought the most fabulous pieces that I highly recommended. I was elated when she showed me two different body shaper styles. What I love about the body shapers is that they had very nice cuts around the legs and great support. She paired one with a beautiful bra (pictured below) and another high waist controlled shaper panty was paired with a cropped long sleeve off the shoulder lacy top (picture above).  Click HERE for Curvy Firm Wear Your Own Bra Plus size Body Shaper.  Click HERE for Bali 2-pack Firm Control Tummy Panel Shaping Briefs (these come in many colors and are super fun!)  Some women might be surprised thinking everything they bring has to be lacy see through lingerie but that’s not true when you can pair a structured piece with a sexy bra.  Making my clients feel secure and pulled together is the beauty of the body shaper!

The second thing I wanted to post about is a sheer long sleeved cardigan.  You might think, how can a cardigan add to the sex appeal of an image.  Let me explain.  Some women are self conscious about certain body parts, their arms being one of them.  Click HERE for a link to a simple sheer cardigan that can help highlight the areas you want to show off while concealing an area you may not be as confident about! See the photo below of my client Ms.L with a similar jacket. 


The third thing I love are high nude pumps. High heels in general help lift the tush and add the sex appeal to boudoir images. The thing I like about nude pumps is that they help elongate women’s legs and can be paired with so many looks! Nude pumps are a definite winner and highly recommended for any women coming in for a session (see below).  Click HERE for a pair of pumps I recommend for every shoot!


I hope these tips were helpful. When your booking a shoot, the lingerie guide I send will have many more helpful tips and ideas of things to bring! Contact us HERE or call 312-635-5077 to chat!

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