Keepsakes and Wall Art for Women

Boudoir photography is one of the most powerful experiences for women. Working past self doubt and pushing through the nerves and vulnerability is why I applaud all of my clients. Honestly, many clients tell me they thought about not coming because they were so nervous. The most common comment I hear from my clients is “geeze, that wasn’t bad at all and way easier than I thought!” I always know they will feel this way after we go through the entire process start to finish. I literally hear this from every women that comes in. I love seeing my clients on a high from the experience and seeing them so proud of doing something they were so fearful of. I know how my clients feel, getting in front of the camera for a boudoir shoot makes my nerves frazzled too. I always tell my clients,“I’ve got you, this is my expertise!”


My main focus is making my clients comfortable. I bring them snacks while we’re getting them ready and chit chat to the point where we almost forget about the actual shoot. I really do keep things light hearted before, during and after. I sometimes joke with my clients and remind them during the session that they are great sports because they are definitely working hard and allowing me to help them create the best pose which can feel awkward and requires lots of direction. Putting together one amazing image has many pieces to the puzzle and my trained eye is constantly directing my gorgeous ladies as we move from pose to pose.

I love seeing women blossom as the shoot progresses and see them really start feeling comfortable with the awkwardness of some of the poses. It recently happened with a mother that really needed a boost and towards the end of her session she said,” Watch out world… I’m wearing stockings.” She started out feeling vulnerable and unsure and by the end she felt powerful and confident.


Posing is one of the most challenging components and I steadily guide each lady. There’s never a time during her shoot where I’m not giving her direction. When I show her 60-120 amazing images at her gallery reveal and ordering appointment she’s astonished and in disbelief that the women she’s seeing is herself.

Albums are a great way to showcase a collection of 30-60 fully edited images from the gallery and the combination of gorgeous boudoir images and luxury album covers make for a showstopper and beautiful keepsake of the day she said…. I’m worth it and I’m doing this!


We also offer beautiful wall art/metals. I believe every women should showcase 1-5 of her favorite images as a daily reminder that she is worthy and she is beautiful. Please call 312-635-5077 for a free consult or email

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