Let the wedding bells ring.


I love to share stories with my clients when they are getting ready for their shoot. My makeup artist, myself and my client chit chat like long lost friends while we’re getting her camera ready. My artists and myself have lived from LA to Chicago and spent some time in the south as well so we love sharing stories about our journeys. It’s one of the most important times of the shoot for me to genuinely connect with my client before I step behind and she steps in front of the camera. 

Learning about my clients work, travel and ambitions is very important bc I want her to feel comfortable before we start the session. Our chats are sprinkled in with interesting stories about how they met their partner and all the awful dates leading up to meeting their partner and sharing a few good laughs! Occasionally, I get a client doing boudoir photos for their boyfriend. I’ve had a handful of clients reach out to me after their shoot to inform me that shorty after they gifted the lucky guy their beautiful boudoir album, they were surprised with a proposal. I chuckle at this and I’m always so happy when I hear about another happily ever after. One of my clients even ended up doing a shotgun wedding in las Vegas within a month of her shoot and is happier than ever. 


When one of my more recent clients came in for her session, I had to tell her, "Ya know Ms. D, many women giving these photos to their boyfriend end up engaged shortly after.” I’m just trying to prepare you for what might be coming because I’ve seen it happen;) I’m sure you can imagine where this story is heading. 

Sure enough, two weeks after the session, Ms.D met me for her reveal appointment. She was glowing and I assumed it was because she was so excited to see her gallery. She was certainly excited, but she also had news to share.. Just as I’m sure you had guessed, her fiancé proposed. He knew about her photo shoot and was still anticipating her final images but it happened and I got the full scoop of the magical proposal.  

I love the serendipity of Ms.d’s story. She could now say her boudoir photographer predicted she would be engaged after a session with Demi Girl. I like to think that maybe we had a little something to do with the timing or at the very least, I was part of a beautiful love story and seeing it all perfectly unfold for Ms D.  Click to schedule a 15 minute consult, call 312-635-5077 or email photos@demigirlphotography.com

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