3 Preparation Tips for Your Boudoir Session

#1 EAT

Most women think they shouldn’t eat before coming to their boudoir photography session. This is the worst idea! 

Holding poses in high heels and balancing to get the perfect shot takes endurance and concentration. My clients usually mention an appreciation for models after we finish up bc they realize this actually does involve work and skill. Luckily, we tell our clients exactly what to do in each pose but most models need to know that for their shoots. They are not just a pretty face:) 

Taking sexy photos does actually take effort and not eating can leave you feeling dizzy and weak. I’ve had to stop a session because my client was feeling so weak. If you can’t balance in high heels don’t sweat that... we don’t have to shoot in them. But even for women that can wear them, they need their balance. 

I’m not promoting eating a lumberjack breakfast but putting something in your tummy before we shoot is definately a good idea! We photoshop our clients anyway so your tummy is not going to look bloated. 


Remember the old saying that dirty hair styles better? That might be true in some circumstances, but while shooting at Demi Girl Boudoir’s Studio, we prefer clean and dry hair!

When speaking to my clients over the phone while booking their session, I will tell them to come with their hair clean and dry. Better yet, I ask my clients to get a blowout before their session at a professional blowout bar or with their stylist.  Many times we use products and shampoos that build up in our hair making it look greasy after you’ve just washed it.  A professional stylist is going to strip it all away with a professional wash and blowout from root to tip!  Chicago has many professional blow out bars and we can recommend one if needed! This can be done a day before or the day of your photoshoot.

The reason it’s so important is because I want my clients' hair to be playful and bouncy. We will add sexy bedroom curls to your hair before we shoot as well. The most important factor is being able to flip the hair and having it look clean and fresh at the base. No one likes greasy roots and they’re just not pretty!  If you have ethnic hair, we always discuss styling before the shoot and many times those ladies will bring wigs to shoot with.  I love shooting with gorgeous wigs:)


This might be the most important tip of all.  If your a smiley person then smile! If your not a smiley person, then don’t try to flash a cheesy grin just for the photo. 

I will tell my clients exactly how to tip and turn their heads for the shots so there’s nothing to worry about. It’s important for us to help our clients feel comfortable and be themselves while we’re shooting. Every women gets a few genuine lols during the shoot which are great additions to my clients' collection of images. 

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