Timing is Everything!


I have So many brides come to me for a boudoir session. Their wedding day is one day many women have dreamed about their entire lives and a boudoir shoot is a perfect way to celebrate themselves and the beautiful transition they are making with a significant other. There’s never a perfect time for a shoot as many women put it off hoping they can just lose a few more pounds or feel more confident before coming in. It doesn’t matter if your getting married or it’s your 10 year anniversary or you simply want to celebrate yourself at that very moment. There’s never a more perfect time than now to start appreciating and loving the body you were giving.

With timing being the topic of this blog, I’d like to talk about the right time to give your boudoir album to your fiancé if this is a wedding gift! I’ve had many brides in my hair and makeup chair, chit chat about their plans to give the boudoir album to their soon to be husband. Many were telling me the same thing, that they are so excited to give the album the morning of the wedding. I mean this is a wedding gift after all right...?


This is true, they are coming in to make something beautiful for a wedding gift and the typical time to give your significant other this gift is the day of your wedding. Every time my brides tell me about the timing of when this gift is being given, I pause... and I think, do you really want to be giving him this gift just a few hours before you see him at the alter and your father hands you over to this man? Lol I mean, everyone is nervous before exchanging their vows in front of their loved ones and now I’m sure the only thing hubby-to-be is thinking about are those gorgeous sexy photos of you in lingerie that you just gave him a few hours before!

Now I’ve never been married, so I’ve never gone through this process but when I mentioned the timing of the gift to one of my clients, she agreed that timing is everything and maybe just hours before walking down the isle isn’t the “best” time. 

I’ve had many of my chicago brides agree once I brought this up, that there may be a better time to present him with your sexy boudoir album.  Slipping it in his suitcase the night before the wedding so he can open it in private at his hotel the night before, giving on the night of the wedding or even on the honey moon seem like a better options!

This is just a little food for thought! Tell me what you think and comment below;)

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