Demi Girl's Makeup Artist Jessica Steps Behind The Lens


When a long time friend and fellow boudoir photographer, Angela Woolridege, drove through Chicago for a conference, I was so excited to arrange a model for us to shoot together at the Demi Girl Photography studio. 

As busy artists working in the same space day in and day out, we sometimes experience what a writer might face in getting a case of "writers block" but with our photography.  We will always take beautiful images with our clients, but its so important to get inspired by other artists and always bring something new to the table.  

This is why every year, I make it a priority to attend at least 2-3 conferences to fill up my creativity glass.  


Angela and I put out a model call to collaborate on a shoot together at my studio and my makeup artist dutifully volunteered to work through the nerves to step behind our lenses for her first boudoir shoot ever!  

I was elated that my beautiful and talented boudoir makeup artist was ready to let herself be vulnerable and empowered by this experience.  

She's helped me glamourize hundreds of women so I was happy she was participating in a shoot of her own so she can talk about what its like being in lingerie and going through the poses with our clients.  

I know this will help Jessica relate to my clients when they are sitting in her makeup chair before their shoot.  The three of us created some beautiful art and I will surely put my clients in these new lovely poses as well.

Angela takes killer white sheet nude boudoir photos of each of her clients at the very end of their boudoir session.  Let's just say she's an expert and knows exactly what to say to get the perfect expression from clients! I will take these white sheet images upon my clients request.  This set is so sexy and fun. 

Check out a few of these photos we took together below.  Stunning!


I was extremely happy and inspired after this lovely shoot with Angela and Jessica.  We found a few more nooks at the Demi Girl Studio to shoot some killer shots with and we were lucky to have this time to learn and shoot with each other.  

We actually shot a client together the following day which was icing on the cake with a sweet cherry on top:)  Angela's Boudoir and Portrait business is located in Columbus Ohio and she can be found at Feeling inspired? Click Here to schedule a free 15 minute phone consult so we can chat about a shoot!