Love is in the air


While Demi Girl Boudoir specializes in photographing women, occasionally we will get a request to shoot one of our clients with her husband or significant other. Mrs. M called the studio to set up a boudoir session for herself and she was also interested in including her husband for a sexy photo set with his motorcycle.

In my experience, growing up shooting weddings and couples over the years, I knew it could be challenging having a man get on board and show enthusiasm for getting behind the camera.  It always seems to be their wife's grand idea for any type of photography session while the husband is merely there to appease his spouse.  


When Mrs M called with this request and her husband was on board to participate, I knew this was gong to be a fun project and I was so excited to get these love birds behind our lens for an epic photography session! 


Demi Girl is known for providing an all female staff for clients  Our number one priority is for our ladies to feel comfortable. Knowing we have a female staff makes them feel at ease so they can put their guards down and really embrace the experience.  

In the case with Mrs. M, where the scenario is flipped, and a male is participating in a shoot with my client, I will fly in an amazing photographer and friend, Craig La Mere, to team up for the session.  I asked Craig, an internationally recognized photographer and speaker from Moz Studios, to show up for this occasion.  Craig's fashion and glamour work can also be found at  He specializes in glamour, families, fashion and boudoir photography and is known for creating bad ass images for amazing people.  He's photographed intimate couples sessions all over the United States throughout his career. 

Craig and myself found a great area to shoot in Chicago's river west neighborhood under a secluded bridge with an amazing urban backdrop.  The traffic was almost non existent because it was tucked away off the beaten path and perfect for our clients to share a few kisses for the camera. Mrs. M felt very comfortable shooting outside at this location and her husband had a fun with it too! We are thrilled with the images we created for our clients and can't wait to take our next couple around Chicago for a sexy couples Photo shoot!

If your interested in a couples session or private boudoir session, please call us at 312-635-5077 or email  



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