We left the studio for the Illinois Bridal Expo in Rosemont... Lets do this!


I’ve been shooting the average everyday woman and tons of ladies getting ready to make the walk down the isle for the last 5 years. My love and passion for my work photographing women continues to grow every year. My inspiration comes to life inside my cozy studio nestled in the quaint Lakeview neighborhood in Chicago Illinois.

Many of my clients come to me as referrals from their friends or family but most clients find me online. I’m honored to know that I’ve built an online reputation for women to trust that they’re in good hands and have nothing to worry about when we’ve never met and they come in for a boudoir experience. I do talk to most of my clients on the phone because I like to build a rapport and get to know her better before the day of her shoot.

As I’m extremely grateful for that, I made it my mission to start 2019 off with the opportunity to get out in the public to promote Demi Girl Boudoir Photography and meet some some great new potential clients face to face! How did I make this happen you might ask? Good question… I decided to book a bridal show booth with the Illinois Bridal and Wedding Expo annual show in Rosemont!

I had no idea how much work and planning it would take to recreate the look and feel of my space and what I have to offer to women in a 10x10 booth. I wanted the aesthetic and coziness of Demi Girls’s studio to come to life for all of the gorgeous women to enjoy that day. We only have a few short seconds to make a great first and lasting impression right? We wanted to make it count!


Here are a few images from out setup. I was so happy and proud to have been able to meet so many gorgeous brides with their posse that day. I plan on doing many more ladies night events as well as wedding shows this year. If you want to meet us in person, follow Demi's facebook business page HERE or join our private ladies lounge HERE

You don't have to be all glam to do a shoot. Just be yourself. We will tell you exactly how to prepare. You can come with your baseball cap, his favorite team jersey, or simply shoot in a white sheet and create images to make your man's heart skip a beat! The point is.... I got ya girl. If you want to do this for YOU and surprise your man, set up a free consult and we will make it happen. Schedule a phone consult HERE