Put Some Bounce in Your Step (and Your Hair) With a Blowout Before Your Boudoir Shoot

Before your boudoir shoot, a blowout becomes an invaluable way to boost your confidence and uplevel your look in a pinch. You’re always gorgeous, but if you want to have that extra bounce in your step (and in your hair) on the day of your photo shoot, a blowout is a simple trick to have up your sleeve. Chicago has blowout bars in every neighborhood or you can schedule an appointment with your regular stylist. Before coming in for your boudoir session, I recommend getting a professional blow out done the morning of or day before and here is why…

Blowouts are an opportunity to soak up some always- justified self care (who doesn’t love the professional scalp massage?) and are a fun way to sneak in some salon-quality conditioning treatments that you wouldn’t normally do at home. They can breathe life back into your hair between cuts and are especially helpful when you need to look polished on short notice. The client we’ve posted images of in this blog came in and I could sense the pep in her step. She had come in with a fresh blow out and also used the living proof full volume blast giving her hair some extra volume at the roots without weighing the hair.

Getting a blowout gives you clean roots that are easy to work with


Besides the fact that getting a blowout means you get to have at least three days of look-at-me perfect hair, getting it done the day before or the morning of your boudoir shoot will leave you with super clean roots that can handle a sexy flip with natural volume and bounce.

When you come in the day before or the day of your shoot, we’ll style your hair with glammed up curls and make sure that your hair looks as smooth and healthy as possible on camera. When you get a blowout ahead of time, your curls and other products have better staying power so that your hair stays put during your boudoir shoot (and you’ll be checking yourself out in the mirror all day long!).

Blowouts makes your hair look shiny and healthy in photos

Even if you’re diligent about using sulfate- and paraben-free hair products (sulfates and parabens can strip and dull your hair) and think you know how to create a blowout that rivals a professional service, you should still consider a salon blowout before your shoot.

The camera makes dull hair more noticeable than it seems in person, and shiny hair that moves naturally and feels fresh is going to skyrocket your confidence on the day of your boudoir shoot.

A fresh blowout makes your clip-in extensions blend better with your natural hair


If you’re planning on adding some temporary length to your hair with clip-in extensions the day of your shoot, trust us: you’ll want to get those taken care of ahead of time. A blowout will get rid of any product build-up or grease that might make the distinction between your hair and your extensions more noticeable, so it’s best to get your extensions in after your blowout but before your shoot so we don’t waste styling time once you get here.

Beyond getting your hair clean enough to blend with your extensions, if you haven’t already had them cut and blended with the rest of your hair’s length and layers, you should ask your stylist ahead of time if you can bring them in with you for him or her to cut them. This will give us the best result and make the styling process and the end result, gorgeous boudoir images of yourself, a huge success!

Ready for your closeup?

We love helping you get ready for your boudoir shoot and making sure you get the most out of your time here at the studio. We have many salons close by for blowouts but one that we really love is Goldplaited and it’s just a couple of blocks from the studio. If you’re looking for a salon to help with extensions, check out Rebellious Beauty on Diversey just one mile from the studio. If you have any questions at all about how to prepare for your boudoir shoot, always feel free to give us a call! We can be reached at 312-635-5077 or photos@demigirlphotography.com.

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