What's your boudoir style?

Back in the day, a boudoir was a gorgeous room decorated specifically for a woman. It was a beautiful place where she could sit, sleep, dress, relax and entertain. Well today, boudoir photography is pretty much in the same setting, but there are three small differences:

1) There’s a photographer in the room
2) There’s no sleeping
3) It’s a lot more fun than sitting around!

Why Book A Shoot? 
Every woman has their own special reason for a boudoir photo shoot, but here are a few of the reasons we love:

To celebrate your marriage
To celebrate being single
To celebrate being a woman
To feel empowered
To push your boundaries

So, What Is it? 
Boudoir is a private and fun experience, capturing everyday women's beauty and sensuality. We have a boutique boudoir photography studio in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood designed just for women to embrace their sexy side. It's a great way to treat yourself (being pampered for a day with hair and make up) Its also a great gift for a significant other for an anniversary, birthday or groom-to-be.  Here at Demi Girl we’re a little sassy, but always classy and we make the boudoir experience exciting, empowering, luxurious and ALWAYS a lot of fun!  

The art of boudoir photography is simply a fun, glamorous, exciting, unforgettable celebration of you.  As you stand, sit, lay in front of a camera your photographer will meticulously guide you into every pose so you can express every element of every emotion you’ve been waiting to convey.  Do you want to be sensual, sexy, playful, flirty, elegant or do you want to see yourself in a completely different light?  Boudoir for today’s woman is a way to display her character (however she sees it, and however she wants to reveal it).  It’s a safe tasteful way for women to experience and express their inner emotions and a way to remember those feelings for a lifetime.

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What’s your boudoir photography style?



Calling all sports fans! This style of boudoir is a fun, playful way to rep your favorite team (go cubs go), or to change the way he feels about his favorite sport altogether.


Implied Nude

This style moves from fun, to passionate, to sensual, to playful and then back to fun… Technically, it's “playfully naughty”. We’ll turn you into an elegant work of art that leaves juuuuust enough to the imagination.

Playful Romantic

This style of Boudoir turns photographs into a beautiful “sneak peek” of what it is like to be loved, adored and desired by you.


Dark and Mysterious

Feeling a little dangerous and seductive? This style of boudoir is edgy, mysterious, and enticing for anyone viewing the photos.


Glamour Girl

This style of boudoir means it is time to look into the camera, exude your womanly powers and find your sexy. Get ready to experience empowerment in one of it’s purest forms.


Comfy and Cozy

Cuddle up in your favorite oversized sweater and borrow our studio Ugg socks for a comfy, cozy and lovable set that is sure to warm your heart!



Bring in that gorgeous cathedral veil so we can showcase it for some shots or borrow our studio cathedral veil. Either way, lets create an elegant bridal look! This is a popular groom’s gift!


Victoria’s Secret

Rent our gorgeous wings for a set during your shoot and you’ll be sure to feel like an angel.


Outdoor Boudoir

Last but not least, outdoor destination boudoir at its best! Although Chicago or Illinois for that matter, doesn’t provide the landscape to replicate this gorgeous shot, we’re not opposed to traveling for an epic beach session!

No matter what style you’re going for, we can help create beautiful boudoir images for you to look back on for years to come. If you’re like most women, they want to express a softer feminine side as well as a darker steamier side. I know that us women are surely multi-dimensional and there are many different ways to enhance an image with lighting posing and wardrobe. The different styles is what makes our Chicago Lakeview studio love what we do for our clients and have a whole lotta fun doing it! You may just leave it to the boudoir experts! Many times, our clients will come in and we will dictate the style based on her wardrobe and personality for her. Whether you’re bringing us inspiration photos, or just leaving the shoot up to our creative imagination, we cannot wait to help you find the ultimate goddess within yourself. Schedule a phone consult below so we can set up your ultimate goddess experience!