Fine Art Digital Boudoir Painting

Have you ever been in Z Gallery or Bed Bath and Beyond and had a large painting of a classy women catch your eye.  I know I’ve purchased beautiful pieces of art showcasing the female form.  I’ve always loved the beauty showcased in a classy tasteful painting of a women.  We are proud to now offer a fine art boudoir painting to our menu of boudoir products and services.    Because Demi Girl Photography offers such a eye opening experience for women to truly feel beautiful from the inside out, we thought offering a painted portrait from their boudoir session would be a great addition to our services!  This is a tasteful piece of art for our clients to display with a bit more ambiguity when looking at the subject.  Not everyone will know you are necessarily the subject, which also makes it fun to hang in your bathroom, bedroom, or closet. What’s even cooler is that this is not just an ordinary painting, it’s a digital file painting so you can have it printed on a large canvas or metal or included it in your custom album design.  If you like this idea, please share and/or like our entry!  Please call the studio (312) 635-5077 or visit our website for more information!

Adrienne RichgelsComment